Taberna Belga

Taberna Belga is a well-known restaurant in Braga, mostly because of their specialty, “The Francesinha”. The gastronomic war is happening everywhere and Taberna Belga is one of its biggest players. The best Francesinha comes from the north!

Over time a lot has changed at Taberna Belga to better serve their customers. The two restaurants have been remodeled, a new Digital Strategy has been implemented and the menu was also changed.

They needed a more modern Menu that would highlight the main course, “The Francesinha”, while also not underestimating the vast and delicious offer they also provide.

This menu is a true gastronomic project, from the lettering, to the impact of the colorful photos. As we turn each page and make this gastronomic journey we can still find personalized illustrations, further highlighting the uniqueness of their work.